Pest control: Natural vs Chemical

The world has changed quite dramatically in the last few decades, with an increasing focus on the environment. This change has had consequences across virtually every aspect of human endeavour, from large scale issues like power generation through to the micro scale focus of pest control.

For many people, using chemical pesticides is now unthinkable where thirty years ago no one would have given their use a second thought. However, while there are a number of great ways of controlling pests using natural products and methods, they are by no means perfect, so what is the best answer?

Unfortunately, there is no right answer and even if you use natural pest control methods most of the time, you may comes across a problem so intractable and troublesome that they only option is to use powerful chemicals.

On the whole, natural products are more expensive and time consuming but are better for the wider environment and for you and your family.

Chemicals are generally cheaper and easier to use but are generally far worse for the environment and for you and your family.

If you are concerned about what type to use, it is best to do some research. Each pest requires different methods and in some cases the natural option is not only easier and cheaper, it is more effective too.

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