How to protect your boat against termites

Termites are a massive problem here in Queensland, we have the perfect environment for them: hot and humid. Most people are aware of the dangers of termites and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that their homes are safe from the rampant destruction these pests can wreck. However, while they have done everything they can to protect their homes, they often forget other items of value.

One often overlooked wooden possession that is prone to termite attack are boats. There has been a dramatic rise in termite infestations on wooden boats recently and the consequences can be just as devastating as an infestation on land. Even fibreglass boats with a wooden core are not safe from the predations of this voracious pest.

If your boat hasn’t been out of the water, then you have little to worry about, but if your boat has been on a slip or a dry dock, then there is a chance that termites have made their way onboard.

The worst type of termite in Queensland, the subterranean, will not infest boats as they live in large colonies underground. The type to be concerned about is the drywood or wetwood termite. They live in the wood that they eat and so can easily make home aboard a boat. Treat your boat with chemical deterrents and learn the signs of a termite infestation so you can look out for them.

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