Facts About Termites You Probably Didn’t Know Part 2

There was a famous Chinese general called Sun Tzu; one of his most popular dictums, one that is still widely used today, is “know thy enemy”. This is equally true for pest control as it is for war. Knowing your pest enemy will help you to prevent and control any potential pest outbreak. In this spirit, here are some facts about termites that you probably didn’t know, part two.

It only takes about three months for an average sized termite colony to chew up a room’s floor, meaning that it would only take a few years to make your house structurally unsound.

Once termites have started eating your home, they will not stop until everything is gone. Not just the wood used in the construction, they will eat your wallpaper, any fabric made from plants and anything else with cellulose in it.

If you find a colony of termites in your home, trying to destroy them yourself can be counterproductive. It is very difficult to destroy them all and if any remain, often hidden in the soil, they will return with a vengeance to finish the job.

You can detect termites by tapping on wood with a screwdriver handle.

In Australia, only licensed termite inspectors are allowed to treat termite problems.

Hopefully, these facts will help you prevent a damaging infestation at your home.

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