Deadly Spider Capital Of The World

Australia is the best country in the world, without a doubt. We’ve got the best beaches, the best climate and the best people, but there is something we have the most of which isn’t so great, deadly spiders. But hey, where’s the fun in life without a little risk?

Our web-full of lethal arachnids is legend across the world, most people have heard about the Funnel-web and the Redback, both of which are the consistently listed on world’s most deadly animals lists. We have a whole bunch of other dangerous spiders whose bites won’t kill you but will definitely leave you sore as well.  If that wasn’t enough, there are thousands of other spider species in Australia that aren’t dangerous but can be just as scary for someone who is arachnophobic. Anyone who has walked into a web at night will know just how scary a normal spider can be.

Never fear though, because Cureall Pest Control is here. If you have spider worries of any kind then we will send one of our highly trained staff out to help you. Most spiders form nests on the outside of structures by spinning webs and we can spray these surfaces with a spray that will inhibit the webs.

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