Consider Termite Barriers when repairing your home after a flood

More people are affected from termite infestations than storm and flood damage combined.

When the floods have passed, Queenslanders should be aware that termite barrier repair is a critical part of structural repair to minimise the risk of any impending termite attack.

It’s important to consider a two-pronged attack, with both non-chemical physical building methods and chemical treatment.

Ensure no timber, cardboard, paper or any other cellulose-based materials have been buried by the floods or used as fill on your property when construction commences.

Discuss construction features with your builder to make sure there is no hidden termite access into the building that may complicate future detection and treatment.

Most infestations occur when steps and timber are in direct ground contact. The floods would have also caused damage to timber attachments or structures around the home, which may require a complete re-build to prevent any termite infestations.

Some other things to look out for:

When rebuilding or modifying your structure after a flood, be sure to consider a termite treatment:


Once you have worked out what it is you might have to do, and discussed the options with your insurance company, contact Cure All to discuss the best way to protect your home or business from termite damage.

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